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Every year, wildfire kills Californians, wipes out entire towns and thousands of homes.  Wildfire consumes vast areas of forest, killing untold numbers of trees, animals and other plants.  Whole species are eliminated. Natural water systems are destroyed.  There is no greater environmental disaster.  There is no greater environmental threat to all Californians, to our forests, to wildlife, to our water supply, to agriculture or to our way of life.

Forest Fire

Wildfires cost much more to fight than can be sustained.  California now experiences multiple mega fires each year.  Large numbers of firefighters, engines, aircraft and support personnel are deployed, all at unacceptable risk and cost.  When they are successful, huge tracts of the landscape are nevertheless laid bare.  There is no greater priority than to control this annual cycle of destruction.

CHIPS is a non-profit organization that recognizes these priorities and endeavors to reduce the threat of wildfire.  CHIPS performs wildfire prevention through fuels reduction, reversing decades of overgrowth.  CHIPS returns forested areas to their natural state of fire resistance, allowing our beautiful and productive mountains to thrive once again.  There is no greater cause, and CHIPS is dedicated to its success.


Please tour our website.  Please donate money or equipment if you can. Please join CHIPS in recognizing that there is no greater priority for our beautiful state and for all Californians.

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