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Wildfire Prevention    Fuels Reduction    Forest Restoration



CHIPS, as a non-profit community-based organization, has a long history of collaborating with local Native American communities. The organization employs a staff of several dozen field crew members, including cultural site monitors. Over 80 percent of the staff are Native American representing Miwok, Paiute, Washoe (Hung A Lel Ti), Mechoopda, and Maidu tribes. CHIPS holds working agreements with the Washoe tribe of California & Nevada, the Mariposa Indian Council, and the Intertribal Stewardship Workforce Initiative. Our crews are based in Chico, Woodfords, West Point, Midpines and Porterville.  In 2022-2023, through the High Roads Training Project, in cooperation with the Sierra Institute, CHIPS has trained and equipped a number of new Native American crews, located throughout the Sierras. 

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