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Field Operations Crew Members

CHIPS’ Field Operations Crews are seasonal workers that work in forest settings to cut, pile, and chip or remove trees and brush that would fuel wild fires. Our projects are performed under contracts with the US Forest Service, State and Federal Parks, CAL FIRE, or fire safe councils and resource conservation districts. We also work on private lands.

Projects for field operations crews can include a range of activities, including brush removal and/or piling, tree felling, operating chippers, etc. A typical ground crew is between 4 and 12 crew members.  Crew members report directly to their CHIPS Forestry Crew Foreman.

Job duties, responsibilities, and expectations are as follows:


The Day Before a Project Begins you will receive a reminder call from your Crew Foreman. He/she will tell you:

•             The meeting time and location for the first day of work.

•             Information about transportation.

•             How long the project is expected to last.

•             Information about lodging (if required).

•             What you need to bring (appropriate clothing, boots, etc.).

•             Type of work needed/scope of work (brush removal, tree felling, fence repair, etc.).

•             Required skills, equipment and tools will be needed.

•             Timeframe of project (# days, deadline for completion).


On the first day of a project, the crew foreman will:

•             Provide a safety briefing.

•             Explain the project requirements.

•             Describe the type of work needed/scope of work (brush removal, tree felling, fence repair, etc.).

•             Describe the skills, equipment, and tools required.

•             Explain how the crew will work together in a coordinated way to complete the job efficiently.

•             Assign you specific tasks and provide the appropriate tools, PPE, and equipment so you can begin work.


During the 8 or 10-hour work day you will be expected to:

•             Arrive promptly and be ready to work with appropriate clothing and equipment.

•             Work diligently at the tasks assigned to you.

•             Coordinate with your crew foreman and other crew members to efficiently complete tasks – ask questions when needed.

•             Take direction from your crew foreman; cooperate with and support your crew members.

•             Take breaks when directed by your crew foreman; limit breaks to the allotted time and return promptly.


At the end of each workday you will be expected to:

•             Help with site cleanup.

•             Clean and store your tools and equipment.

•             Note your time on the provided timesheet.


CHIPS has a training curriculum of 7 courses that must be completed before starting work.  Current certifications are acceptable.

•             S212 Wildland Fire Chainsaw Operation

•             First Aid/CPR/Blood Borne Pathogens

•             OSHA 10              

•             FEMA 100 and 700

•             Basic 32 (Basic Wildland Firefighting Training)

•             Intermediate/Advanced Tree Felling


Compensation and Benefits:

This is a seasonal/contingent position. Assignment to a routine 40-hour work week is not guaranteed by CHIPS. Work is assigned contingent upon availability of projects, funding and seasonal conditions.

This position is paid hourly, with a starting rate of $17 - $19/hour. Reviews will be performed every year with the potential for increases in pay rates, based on performance and acquired skills.

Minimum Requirements

•             Valid driver’s license or State ID.

•             Auto insurance (if driving).

•             Willingness to work at remote sites.

•             Ability to lift 50 pounds.

•             Reliable attendance.


Please complete an application and email it to


If you have questions, please contact CHIPS Forestry at 209-293-2333 or through the email link, above.

Interested in working in forest restoration?


 Fill out the following application and email it to CHIPS or  mail it to us at P.O. Box 616, West Point, CA 95255

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